Healthy Living Spring 2014 Training

Sunday, February 16th
11am to 3pm
Location: Huntsman, F38

About Us

Did you ever have a friend or classmate who was overly stressed, seriously depressed, struggling with an eating disorder, or some other healthy living issue?  Do you want to learn how to help your friend or classmate?  Apply now to join the Healthy Living Task Force!

The Healthy Living Task Force is an opportunity to utilize the great resources that have been amassed by the Healthy Living Advisory Board and strengthen the network of communication and advice between students. We currently have trained over 70 students since the spring of 2006. These students now participate in events to continue their training and knowledge of mental health issues their peers are dealing with on Penn’s campus.

New members who join the Task Force will receive two days of training led by professors in the Penn community, as well as psychiatrists and psychologists in stress management, relationships, and addiction.  At the completion of the training, members will have acquired knowledge and skills applicable at any time in the future. 

Healthy Living Task Force is associated with the Office of Health Education, University Life Division at the University of Pennsylvania